HLPOA Newsletter History – Thank you to Kris Havir for researching this bit of lake history!             

Sy Sykora was the person instrumental in starting the Horseshoe Lake Association and was the first President. He sent out several letters until the first newsletter was published on August 14, 1982 by Vice President Don Peterson.  He was the Editor until December 1985 (The Newsletter was published once a year at that time).  The Vice President was the Newsletter Editor in the beginning.

Dick Koch was the Editor December 1986 and December 1987, since he was V.P. at that time.

Don Peterson was again Newsletter Editor December 1988 and part of the team putting out the Newsletter until July 1996 along with Pat Stern.  Both of these people were very involved in the Association as were many others.

Vol. 29 of the October 1994 “Newsletter” was called “H.L.P.O.A. Harbinger” but that only lasted for one issue.  Other names were put up for vote, but due to a lack of response, “Newsletter” became the official name.

Recent editors have included:

· Kris Havir—Newsletter Editor from October 1997, No. 43 to July 2013, No. 97.

· Kelly Butorac—2014 Issues No. 98 –100.

· Renae Saunders—Newsletter Editor from Fall 2014 issue No. 101 through the July 2019 issue No. 115.

· Nancy Jones – Current Newsletter Editor starting with issue No. 116 (Fall 2019).

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