Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

Drone Photos courtesy of Justin Peterson

Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

Drone Photos courtesy of Justin Peterson

Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

Drone Photos courtesy of Justin Peterson

Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

We had a wonderful turnout for the annual kids fishing contest.

Headlines / News on Horseshoe Lake, Merrifield MN:

HPOA Board meeting update:

Questions have arisen regarding fishing/no fishing in the back bay, south end of west basin. Signs had been set in the past, but according to DNR Fisheries Manager said “that we cannot have any signs prohibiting people from going into the channel. He removed the spawning signs. It is public water and we cannot prohibit people from fishing in the bay or channel.

  • Aquatic Invasive Species Inspectors will again providing over 450 hours of inspection time at the landing through September.Make sure you pull your plugs before you arrive at the landing.
  • The lake is at its highest level in over a decade. Those on the south end of the west basin have experienced major waves, thus causing erosion of walls etc. Please make turns sooner and slower in this area.  Remember the no wake zone 150 feet from shore, unless pulling a skier, wakeboarder in a direct line to deeper water.This helps prevent bank erosion.
  • The channel is a NO WAKE ZONE. This applies to all motorized watercraft. We do not want wake backfill top the area dredged.
  • If you have rafts, water trampolines etc. beyond your dock they must have reflectors, ideally blinking lights. We have had a number of near misses. If they are yours, you are responsible for marking it!
  • Remember the Wave-runner laws. see below
  • Start planning now for the 4th of July boat parade! It’s a fun time for friends and family.


See Suspicious Activity? Report it!

Show your support for HLPOA by displaying our new HLPOA signs.

Each sign is cost $20, with the cost covering the sign and remainder going to the Lake Protection Fund. If interested please email Pam Heller at





*At a recent Mission Township meeting, the Mission Fire Department was upgrade from a 7 to6! (lower number is better) check with your Home insurance agency to see if you receive a discount due to this. They can contact the Mission Fire department directly.


16 anglers braved sub zero temperatures on Saturday January 19th for the 1st annual fishing contest, pulling in over 12 northerns from the lake. Thanks to all participants! Little Gauge was declared the winner with the most caught!

2018 Horseshoe Lake Property Owners Association Meeting.

A wonderful turn out of 60 area members. New board members elected, plus various reports from committees.

Special thanks to retiring board members, Past President- Bob Kalton, Bud Hays, Dale Johnson and Pat McCormick.

New board members for the 2018-2019 Season are:

  • Dave Baker -President
  • Rob Saunders-Vice President
  •  Sue Peterson-Secretary
  • Michelle-Buttweiller-Treasurer
  • Kevin Max-Fisheries
  • Directors:
    • Jim Peterson
    • Pam Heller
    • Kathy Lee
    • Teresa Weihs
    • Chad Boeckmann
    • John Buttweiller

Boat parade winner-Trenary family present by parade chair Sue Peterson


The HLPOA is looking to update its membership addresses for the newsletter mailings and the membership information mailings. Membership information will ONLY be used internally. It will not be distributed, sold etc. To update your information, please send an email to:


2019 ice out was April 21 for East Basin and April 22 for West Basin!

2019–April 21-East Basin / April 22-West Basin
2018–May 1st
2017–April 2-East Basin/April 3-West Basin
2016–March 29-East Basin/March 30-West Basin
2015—April 6-West Basin /April 7-East Basin
2014—April 27
2013—May 11
2012—March 22
2011—April 19
2010—April 1

**HLPOA now has a Facebook Page!

It is a closed group, meaning if you or family members are paid members of HLPOA, please request to join the group. Hopefully this will lead to an additional source of updating members of the Lake events. This is not a place for political statements and views, advertising, or other issues non related to Horseshoe Lake and the Association. Violation of this will result in removal from the group.

To join go on Facebook to:

Please remind visitors with boats and wave runners NO WAKE zone through the channel. Though high water in the channel  Wakes tend to increase the fill. We don’t want to dredge it again.

Minnesota Personal Watercraft Laws
You Must… Wear a USCG approved life jacket. Travel at slow-no wake speed (5 mph or less) within 150 feet of: non-motor- ized boats, shore (unless launching or landing skiers directly to or from open water), docks, swim rafts, swimmers or any moored or anchored boat. Operate only from 9:30 a.m. to 1 hour before sunset. Use the cutoff lanyard properly. Obey operator age/permit laws for those younger than 18 years old. see below:

Less than 13 years old-May not operate, even  with an adult on board.
13 years old – Must either have: someone at least 21 on board, or a watercraft operator’s permit and be in continuous visual observation by someone at least 21.
14-17 years Must either have or hold a watercraft operator’s permit, or someone at least 21 on board.

You May Not… Chase or harass wildlife. Jump the wake of another boat within 150 feet of the craft. Operate a personal watercraft in a manner that endangers life, limb or property.

Thanks To All That Participated In The 2018 Boat Parade

This years winners are: 1st place Wild for Freedom Trenary Boat, 2nd Place Magical-Mainquist Boat, 3rd Place Batman Super Heroes.

Thanks to Dave Baker this year’s Commodore for leading the parade. To see  all boats we have a link is below-didn’t see a photo of your boat?

Send photos to: |

Horseshoe Lake Annual Kids Fishing Contest

We had a wonderful turnout for the Annual Kids Fishing contest. A link to all photos is below. Some of the award winners Biggest fish, Sunnies, participants.

Thanks to Kim Kalton, father Bob, the Heller’s, Bud Hayes and Kevin Max for their organization in putting together another successful event.

All photos at:

Welcome to Horseshoe Lake, Merrifield MN

Horseshoe Lake info

Horseshoe Lake (formerly Sandbar) is an 888 acre lake located about 7 miles south of Crosslake, in Crow Wing County. It is bordered by Highway 3 and Pelican Lake to the west. East Horseshoe Lake Road borders the east, Mission Park Drive to the south, North Horseshoe Lake Road enters from the west (dead-ends) and Pine Cone Lane (also dead-ends) enters from the east to border the north end of the lake. Huxtable Point nearly divides the lakes in two.

It has one public access located on the southeast side near Mission Park. The maximum depth is – approximately 55 feet, with about 59% of the lake averaging 15 feet deep.

A majority of the home and cabin owners are members of the Horseshoe Lake Property Owner’s Association (HLPOA).