Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

Drone Photos courtesy of Justin Peterson

Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

Drone Photos courtesy of Justin Peterson

Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

Drone Photos courtesy of Justin Peterson

Horseshoe Lake - Merrifield, MN

We had a wonderful turnout for the annual kids fishing contest.

Headlines / News on Horseshoe Lake, Merrifield MN:

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HLPOA is looking for a new kids fishing tournament coordinator for Labor Day weekend on Horseshoe Lake! It’s a great event and the kids enjoy doing it every year. Below are the listed requirements for coordinating the event:

  • Get awards prepared for kids – in the past we bought lures and bobbers for all participants (this is paid back from the Lake Association). We also printed 1st, 2nd, 3rd place certificates. 
  • Announce awards at the potluck.Ensure there are helpers on each basin to check boats in and measure the fish as well. In the past a family has helped on the west basin and two volunteers have been at the landing dock for the east basin. 
  • Remain in contact with Nancy Jones, who creates the horseshoe lake newsletter. This will help to get the word out and for everyone to know starting times.
  • Contact the treasurer a few days before the contest to make sure you have money for the cash awards ($50 longest overall plus each category – northern, bass, sunny, crappie – 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5).
  • For the Potluck – located at mission park –provide setup and then everyone brings a dish and their own plates/silverware. There are big beverage coolers for water and lemonade owned by the association that the coordinator stores from year to year.

Overall time investment is modest. Any questions please reach out to Bob or Kim Kalton.

 HLPOA has had some communication issues in the past year as we try to transition to new mediums for communication with our membership.  One issue is we saw our membership dropped by over 45 members. With that result is we saw that many of our good and faithful members have not made their dues contributions for 2019-2020. Our assumption is our miscommunication caused many to not receive our statement. If you had not paid last years dues and If you do not see your name below we did not recieve a payment please contact:

Rob Saunders at

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Below is our current membership as of March 30th.

Last Name First Last Name First   Last Name First
Ackert Gary & Lynda   Iten Tim & Cindy   Peterson James & Susan
Anderson Jessica   Jaeger Todd & Victoria   Peterson Keith & Mary Jane 
Baker David & Pamela   Jezierski Jill & Dennis   Pierre Lou Ann
Berg Julie   Johnson Dales & Barbara   Quale Jon & Rosalie
Betts Russell & Patricia   Johnson Richard & Pamela   Qualley Pat & Jeanne
Betts Thomas & Gretchen   Johnson William & Geraldine   Ramler Joann & March Williamson
Blasiak Roger & Catherine   Johnson Paul & Barbara   Reeves Michael & Kathleen
Boeckmann Chad & Kelli   Johnson Paul & Barbara   Reiners Nancy Louise Dahlbrg
Brodersen Steven & Kathryn   Jones Ronald & Nancy   Reko Kenneth & Linda
Butorac Joeseph   Jones Brandon & Lana   Remy Tracy
Buttweiler John & Michele   Jorvig Gregory & Kathleen   Rogosheske Daniel & Laurie
Carder  Eric   Junker Gregory & Nancy   Roitenberg Jason & Stacy
Chambers Diane & Don Parsisson   Kalton Bob   Rudnitski Russell & Nancy
Collins Richard(Pat) & Jeanne   Kiener Donna   Russell/Hagen Annette  & MK
Connelly John & Kathleen   Kilness Russ & Cathy   Sackett Marlin & Gwendolyn
Connelly Mary Lynn   Kirsch Kyle & Kelly   Sandberg Ramona
Conway James & Linda   Kittok Joan   Saunders Rob & Renae
Couillard Nancy & Terry   Kurowski Clarence   Schmidt David & Lucy
Crawford Frederick & Priscella   Lahr Curtis   Schroedl Michael & Mary
Davis Donald  Susan   Lallman William & Janice   Schroeppel John & Anne
Deis Matthew & Judy   Landry Family    Schuck Sue
Deyoe Mary E   Laurence Lois   Seeman Dan & Cynthia
Dilorenzo Cathleen   Leete Jeanette   Shinofield Richard & Linda
Dimler Carole   Leland Leonard & Susan   Siebert Mary
Dodge Anthony & Laura   Lewis Christopher & Jan   Spear William & Rachel
Dressler Loren & Marcelle   Little Wayne & Joan   Stack Mark & Roxanne
Eisele Greg & Sharon   Locketz David & Deborah   Stans Alan and RoseAnn
Feiro Michael & Kristine   Lonnes Bruce & Genelle    Stans Alan & Rose
Folsom Greg & Muriel   Losey Thomas & Carol   Starry Wayne & Jennifer
Frandsen Deanna   Ludwigson Janet & John   Sundeen Raymond & Diane
Fredricksen Randal & Connie Nolen   Lunzer Lawrence   Sykora Richard & Carla
Geadelmann Lynn   Magnuson     Timm Kevin & Barbara
Geiger Norm & Corrine   Mainquist Phil & Beth Mainquist   Triplett Bruce & Carol
Glas Donald & Jacqueline   Martin Jerry & Linda   Tschann Brian & Mindy
Glas William R   Mateyka James & Tana   VanHeel Glenn & Jill
Goplen David   Mateyka John & March   Vendrzyk Nancy
Gross Jim & Bonnie   Mayavski Lee & Sandra   Wagner Frances
Gunsbury Curt & Catherine   McCormick Patricia   Washburn Richard & Joann
Gutknecht Scott & Joni   McCormick  Incl in 2018/2019   Weihs William & Teresa
Hansen Richard & Janyce   Meinz Thomas & Charlotte   Wiczek Diane
Hanson Jon & Kristine   Melde Stephen & Linda   Wiener Christopher & Diane
Havir Terry & Kristine   Moores William & Marjorie  
Hays James & Darlene   Morgan Dennis & Debra  
Heller Richard & Pamela   Moyer Linda & Leland  
Herker Christopher & Kerry   Oksnevad Haakon & Jane  
Heun Paul & Heidi   Oliverius Richard & Julie  
Howe Wayne & Geraldine   Olsen Allen & Nancy  
Hunerberg John & CH   Olsen Allen & Nancy  
Hupe Claude & Kathryn   Olson Steve & Shirley  
Hupf Patrick & Cindy   Owens Jerry & Norma  



























The HLPOA is looking to update its membership addresses for the newsletter mailings and the membership information mailings. Membership information will ONLY be used internally. It will not be distributed, sold etc. To update your information, please send an email to:


Show your support for HLPOA by displaying our new HLPOA signs.

Each sign is cost $20, with the cost covering the sign and remainder going to the Lake Protection Fund. If interested please email Pam Heller at


*At a recent Mission Township meeting, the Mission Fire Department was upgrade from a 7 to6! (lower number is better) check with your Home insurance agency to see if you receive a discount due to this. They can contact the Mission Fire department directly.

  • 2020–April 11 East Basin April 12 West Basin
  • 2019 April 21 East Basin April 22 West Basin
  • 2018-May 1 Both basins
  • 2017–April 2-East Basin/April 3-West Basin 2016-March 29-East Basin/March 30-West Basin 2015—April 6-West Basin /April 7-East Basin 2014—April 27 2013—May 11 2012—March 22 2011—April 19 2010—April 1

Welcome to Horseshoe Lake, Merrifield MN

Horseshoe Lake info

Horseshoe Lake (formerly Sandbar) is an 888 acre lake located about 7 miles south of Crosslake, in Crow Wing County. It is bordered by Highway 3 and Pelican Lake to the west. East Horseshoe Lake Road borders the east, Mission Park Drive to the south, North Horseshoe Lake Road enters from the west (dead-ends) and Pine Cone Lane (also dead-ends) enters from the east to border the north end of the lake. Huxtable Point nearly divides the lakes in two. It has one public access located on the southeast side near Mission Park. The maximum depth is – approximately 55 feet, with about 59% of the lake averaging 15 feet deep. A majority of the home and cabin owners are members of the Horseshoe Lake Property Owner’s Association (HLPOA).