Board Members

To contact board members please email:

  • HLPOA Officers- 2020-21
  • Past President-Dave Baker
  • President–Rob Saunders
  • Vice President-Kathy Bittner Lee
  • Secretary-Sue Peterson
  • Treasurer-Michele Buttweiler


  • Nancy Jones
  • Tad Ford
  • Judy Deis
  • Jim Peterson
  • Chad Boeckmann
  •  Diane Wiener

Standing Committees
Water Quality
-Jerry Martin
– Dave Baker
Fisheries Management
-Kevin Max
Loon Watch
– Marlin and Gwen Sackett

Lake Events
Kids Fishing Contest
Diane Wiener
4th of July Boat Pare
– Sue Peterson

Safety and Security
Channel Buoys
-Jerry Martin-Bud Hays-Dale Johnson

Land use and Zoning
-Ray Westby

Communications and Public Relations

  • Newsletter Editor  – Nancy Jones
  • Kathy Lee Bittner New HLPOA Members
  • Website maintenance -Dave Baker
  • Memorabilia-Teresa Weihs
  • Township News