Does HLPOA require dues?
Yes. HLPOA dues are $60 annually. A majority of the money goes into the Lake Protection Fund, which is to be used in case there are issues with an aquatic invasive species (e.g., zebra mussels, milfoil, etc.).

How many homeowners reside on the lake?
Approximately 246 property owners reside on the lake. Currently, approximately 215 are paid members of HLPOA.

Has the lake undergone channel dredging projects?
Yes. a few years ago, funds were raised for the channel dredging which was completed in March of 2013. Based on the HLPOG  meeting minutes from 8/16/83, the channel was last dredged,  we believe, by Johnny Shogren in 1951. Assume the next dredging is scheduled for 2074. The DNR dredges the boat landing in the spring and fall as needed.

Is the channel a no wake zone?
Yes. The channel is marked with buoys and is a NO WAKE ZONE. Please inform your guests of this.  Also violators will be ticketed. It is also an area usually for nesting Loons.

When has the lake historically experienced the ice out?

  • 2024     March 11,13
  • 2023      April 30,May1
  • 2022      May 1-3
  • 2021      April 1-3
  • 2020      April 11-12
  • 2019      April 21-22
  • 2018      May 1
  • 2017      April 3-4
  • 2016      March 29-30
  • 2015      April 6-7
  • 2014      April 27
  • 2013      May 11
  • 2012      March 22
  • 2011      April 19
  • 2010      April 1

Where can I take leaves, tree branches compose, etc?
The Transfer Station is open 9 am- 3pm on Saturdays, They 1st Saturday in April through last Saturday in October.  It is located off East Horseshoe Lake Road. North 1/2 mile of intersection of Mission Park Rd. and East Horseshoe Lake Rd.

Where can I take recycling?
Recycling bins are located behind the Nisswa Hall/Fire station. Open 24/7- NO GARBAGE.

Are there specific boating/wave-runner restrictions?

  • State laws prohibit wave runners on the lake before 9:30 a.m. and one hour prior to sundown. Boats must stay 150 feet from other boats and docks.
  • Under 13 may not operate a watercraft, even with an adult on board
  • 13 with a 21+ person on board, or certified watercraft operators permit and with a 21+ in observance at all times.
  • 14-17 must have a watercraft operators permit, or someone on board at least 21+ years of age.

Visit http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/regulations/boatwater for more information.

Boat inspectors will be active on select weekends throughout the summer of 2022.  Many of the boats entering Horseshoe Lake were from Pelican Lake, which contains zebra mussels. If you are interested in being a DNR trained and paid inspector, contact HLPOA.

What are the types of invasive species plants and what do the zebra mussels look like?
Click on invasive species to see.

Can I have a fire on the beach or ice?- only in a completely contained fire ring- no ashes, etc. can be left on the ice or sand.