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We the undersigned residents of Horseshoe Lake and its affiliated Lake association HLPOA located in Mission Township Minnesota endorse the HLPOA boards opposition to the Hideaway Bay Development as stated below:


The board of Horseshoe Lake Property Owners Association (HLPOA) at their board meeting on May 1, 2021 unanimously voted to oppose the Hideaway Bay on Horseshoe Lake development. It is the belief of the board and many of its Association members that the additional 14 residences on the lake will increase the homes and traffic on the EAST half of the lake by almost 10%. That increase in residences on the lake causes many problems for a small recreational Lake. The traffic on the lake on weekends can currently be overcrowded. The landing which HLPOA spends thousands each year to double the amount of AIS monitoring would be much more crowded and would increase the hours needed to monitor additional boat traffic. This could be adverse in a couple ways:

1.With more traffic at the landing people will go earlier or later when the monitors are not there or worse, yet they will bypass the landing inspectors completely by launching at the Hideaway bay location.

  1. This lake requires that minimum lake shore frontage (unless Grandfathered in) of 160’ of lake shore for construction. In Hideaway bay’s situation that would be two building lots not 14.
  2. Horseshoe lake has a much higher Shoreline to water acres than most lakes because it is long and narrow. The result is that the lake gets congested easily with boat traffic. Therefore, adding 13 additional users would only exacerbate the problem.

4.If this Development is allowed, it will set a precedent; and other landowners could do similar developments and the lake will be over crowed and most likely be infested with AIS.

5.The lake is clear of AIS and HLPOA and its members are trying to keep it AIS free. This project will only make it more difficult to maintain that goal.

We strongly encourage the township board oppose the Hideaway Bay development.


Robert P Saunders

President HLPOA